Tips and advice


Q: I want to paint beehive what colours/ products should I use?

A: If you prefer eco products is good to use linden wood oil to preserve the beehives. I think in this case is the best option. A lot of my clients like wood art so they use clear varnish for wood. Some of them make wood-burning shapes on them. If you asking about the colour I would recommend colours recognized by bees like blue or yellow. I use a variety of colours for my beehives because I love colourful surrounding. (I'm using varnish paints for wood from altax company). Also, from my experience and observation, I notice that if you put (paint)some colourful geometric patterns bees can easily find the way to their home. One more advise: I would not recommend paint beehives and wood panelling inside the beehives because (as you probably know) I think is the best for bees that they manage inside the beehives themselves.


Q: What I need to start raising bees?

A: You will need beehive. You should buy : bottom, brood box (these is the place where the bees are born and rise new generation), super box, queen excluder ( provide bees queen move from brood box to super box). It is important to make sure queen stay in proper place if she will move to another place in beehive it will stop you from taking out honey. Last part is roof. You can choose the shape of the roof. Usually you meet two types: flat one and sloping roof. According to my experience flat roof is more practical,


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