British National Beehive (1)

British National Beehive

Beautiful and practical the National Beehive, carefully and solidly made checked construction.
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Beautiful and practical the National Beehive, carefully and solidly made checked construction. Practically tested in different atmospheric conditions by others beekeepers. Standard frames match with it. From the outside it's covered with spruce wainscot. Inside there is air dilatation and 2-centimeter styrofoam insulation, thanks to which bees can maintain their own microclimate. Within the National Beehive is finished by pine or spruce boards. Using a 3.2 cm wide Hoffman frame, 11 frames are insert.

In the pack you get:

  • -roof
  • 2x super boxes
  • brood box
  • hygienic bottom
  • queen excluder
  • bill of sale - you buy from legal company

In around the roof is cut ventilation. The roof is covered aluminium offset plate. Inside is OSB, 2 cm styrofoam and vapor permeable membrane. The bottom is 9 cm high and consists of cut-out frames with a thick aluminum mesh and waterproof plywood.

The comfortable design of the bottom allows for quick and trouble-free cleaning of the hive and control of varroosis after treatment. In the summer, the mesh on the bottom allows good ventilation. All boxes fit together, they can be in any order as needed. Beehive is mounted, ready to used - dont have to do anything For most quantities a discount is possible. Also you can create your Beehive buy diffent parts. Example : Roof, 2x broodbox, bottom....etc Beehive are manufactured in Poland. Shipping cost is 30 euro

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